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Calvin Harris Gives Rare Interview, Shares Theory On Today's EDM

Calvin Harris sat down with renowned radio personality and DJ Annie Mac for an interview with BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza earlier this month. The "Blame" producer talked about everything from his theory on how large festivals in America are impacting the EDM to singing on his records and how he feels about today's most successful DJs and producers.

The Scottish native explains the different ways the economies and cultures in the US and UK are molding the current sound of EDM.

"It’s not really happening over here, is it? That whole EDM sound. Part of my theory on this whole thing is the [UK] recession fed the music. And then when the bigger clubs shut down, the smaller clubs were the only thing that was happening. And you can’t play a big Swedish House Mafia style thing, a big Alesso style track, in a small club. You play vibey records. But as long as those huge festivals are happening in America…which need that sound, you can’t go to a 100,000 person festival and play vibey house music; you just can’t."

Harris then goes on to discuss why he chose to be a producer and why he didn't want to be the frontman on his records.

"I wasn’t even going to be a DJ. I was more planning on being a producer. It was mostly that I didn’t want to sing on my own songs anymore, and I had songs in the bank that didn’t suit my voice. [Being a frontman] is a nightmare, because you’re singing the same songs again and again, and then when you do another tour you have to change the old songs slightly for the new tour. I was thinking, this isn’t creative, I’ve written 15 songs but I want to do way more than that. So 2011 and 2012, I worked more in the studio than I ever did in my entire life."

Finally, Harris commented that producers who achieve a certain degree of success in dance music have a responsibility to give the genre a good reputation by making good music.

"If you have enough success in dance music, you have a responsibility to release really good music. You know a lot of people are gonna listen to your records and say, ‘That’s dance music, that’s EDM.’ Make something good! You can have a good song that goes off, as well as a bad song that goes off. So make the good song! Please. That’s what I’m trying to do with my new song [“How Deep Is Your Love”]. It doesn’t go off in traditional ways that I’ve made my songs go off in the past."

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