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Ferry Corsten Releases Trance Remix Of Tritonal's 'Gamma Gamma'

Texas-based duo Tritonal have commissioned Trance producer Ferry Corsten to produce a killer new remix for their 2015 jungle dance single "Gamma Gamma." Corsten gives the tribal house track a trance facelift, while maintaining the elements that made the track so distinctive.

Corsten puts the catchy vocal effects from the original to good use in his remix, opening the track with a pounding trance beat to carry the mangled voice snippets.

The world flavor that made "Gamma Gamma" an irresistable dance juggernaut is maintained, as the track moves into a melodic breakdown with surging synth leads and ethereal female vocals. Corsten ends the track on a high note, allowing the energy to fully unleash during the last quarter of its runtime.

Listen to Corsten's remix of "Gamma Gamma" below...

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