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Check Out The World's Oldest Prison-Turned-Dance-Club [VIDEO]

A now defunct prison in the UK that is reportedly still owned by the Queen has now become the site of raves and has seen famous DJ's such as Pete Tong and Rob Da Bank spin there. The prison, named Lancaster Castle, was one of the world's oldest until it was shut down in 2011.

The shutdown of the prison came at a high cost to England's tax payers. The queen was reportedly written a check for a total of £8.5 million in tax money. Talking about the closure of the prison to turn it into an entertainment venue, Glyn Travis of the Prison Officers' Association stated:

"It was a perfectly well-ordered and well-run prison. That £8.5 million could have been invested in the prison service. The fact that it’s now a nightclub demonstrates it was never going to be used for anything in the public interest like a library. It’s only going to be used to make money."

Tickets to events at the Lancaster Castle can be purchased here.

Check out the video below, which shows the castle's party crowd in full swing:

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