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EDM.com Spotlight

Nero Releases Special Movie Soundtrack-Inspired Mini Mix

Nero dropped a special mini mix for Annie Mac's show on BBC Radio 1, honing in on their cinematic influences to deliver a film-inspired mix. "At The Movies" clocks in at just under five minutes, incorporating a wide array of film themes and samples into its short run time. The final product has vintage and nostalgic quality to it.

Opening with the famous 20th Century Fox jingle, the mix quickly moves into a disco version of the Star Wars theme. We also get samples from Eminem's 8 mile "Born To Be Wild" with a western update, and Whitney Houston's famous ballad "I Will Always Love You." The grand finale closes the mix out with triumphant horns and the iconic sample from "The Lion King."

It's an unusual mix from Nero that sees the trio abandoning the sounds of EDM in favor of a more classical appeal.

Check out the "At The Movies" mini mix below...

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