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EDM.com Spotlight

Champion Fighter Ronda Rousey Seeks To Trademark DNB Acronym

Professional female fighter Ronda Rousey has unwittingly caused a stir in the EDM community with her attempt to trademark her new catchphrase "Do Nothing Bitch." The fighter also wants to trademark the shortened acronym DnB, apparently not realizing that it has already been claimed by EDM's most spastic sub genre Drum and Bass. DnB producers and fans have taken to twitter to attempt to clue Rousey in to the fact that the term has already been claimed.

While dance music fans should be able to rest easy knowing that Rousey won't be able to lay claim on a term that has such heavy use already, the whole scenario calls to mind when Donald Trump attempted to trademark the extremely common phrase "you're fired."

Drum and Bass has been around since the early 90's, originating in the underground electronic scene in the UK and is characterized by its signature high speed breakbeats. Drum and Bass was an important influence in the development of other genres, most especially early dubstep.

Stand up fro DnB by listening to the Fluid Motion 002 playlist below...

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