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EDM.com Spotlight

Our Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week Feat. Protohype, Phiso & More

20. Atik - Middle Age Zombie Apocalypse 

Nobody knows for sure what a middle age zombie apocalypse would look like, but I would venture to imagine that it would be absolutely terrifying. Dabbling in dubstep for the first time, Atik’s first stab at the genre punctures your lungs and leaves you borderline breathless. Just when you think these relentless drops might be tired enough to lift their foot off your neck, they stomp down forcefully and administer the final death blow. Break out your bass aprons, because the bloodshed in very real.

19. DMVU - The Edge Of Eternity

There’s nothing better than listening to a heavy bass tune so deep that you’ll swear you’re riding on an elevator towards the center of the earth. In order to properly analyze this exquisite production, you must use a legit set of speakers. No excuses. So throw out your ears bud, discard your inferior headphones, and toss your subpar sound systems in the trash, because drops this incomprehensible massive only deserve the best treatment. DMVU (short for DamnesiaVa) delivers big time on “The Edge Of Eternity.”

18. Slick Thieves - Riddim King

Ah, some good old riddim. This dubstep subgenre has played a major role throughout the first 49 installments of our series, so how could you honestly expect Vol. 50 be any different? Heck, were so upfront about it that eventhe name of this Slick Thieves banger is “Riddim King.” We ain’t got nothing to hide. Plus, when drops hit so hard that they bruise every single bone in your body, it’s impossible not to take notice - not to mention the excruciating pain. I can already envision you haters drawing the Skrillex & TrollPhace comparisons, but trust me, this track makes the ‘bounce’ movement look like a freaking joke. Ouch. Yeah, I went there.

17. Protohype - QT

Typically Protohype might find himself a tad bit higher up on this list, but with 20 songs to wade through this week, he slipped down somewhat further than usual. Have no fear however, because “QT” falls right into line with many of this producer’s notable compositions. Robust bass and rap influences have always loomed large in Protohype’s ‘dub hop’ style. So when these drops start making the walls shake, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s not an earthquake, but it damn sure feels like one.

16. 12th Hour - Think Wisely

It’s nice to see 12th Hour back in the mix as of late. I feel like he did a little disappearing act there for a minute, but alas, no human being is strong enough to resist the urge to produce filthy dubstep - especially one as skilled as Giovanni Dominic. In regards to “Think Wisely,” a brief introduction rapidly rolls into an all-out bass assault. You better get those fists up and strap on your fighting face, because you’re about to sustain some painful blows to the body when this scrappy beat unleashes drops with more pent-up rage than Ronda Rousey. All aboard the Dubstep Express. Next stop, Hospital Bed.


I frequently talk about how I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to include (insert artist’s name here) in our weekly countdown. The only difference with AOWL is that when I say it, I really mean it. Helping take trench to new heights, this gifted sound-generator breaks down music production into an exact science. For exhibit A, I give you his VIP of “DESTROYER.” You could go an entire year without showering, and you would still not be half as dirty as the drops in greasy sub-mauler. Case closed.

14. Velibus - SubPunch

This influx of new names is slightly overwhelming. Additionally, the concept of being punched by my subwoofer is something that might take a little getting used to. That being said, as long as you have a thirst for dancing like a dubstep demon, you should be able to hold you own against the towering drops in “SubPunch.” Certain elements of this track definitely remind me of MUST DIE!’s older work - especially that second drop. It’s bonkers. Aside from that though, Velibus does a top-notch job classing up the joint with lively synth patterns and bass loud enough to be heard around the world. Boom, I’m sold.


Interestingly enough, “BACK UP” serves as GAWD!’s first ever contribution to our ongoing dubstep drop series. Featured alongside AOWL’s “DESTROYER VIP” on Mile High Club’s 1K Follower Compilation, this tune cements this producer as one of the must-watch, up-and-coming talents in heavy bass music. Designed around a couple drops that make you scream OMG (Oh my GAWD!, of course) like a little girl that just met her celebrity crush, you can’t help but completely lose your shit. No worries, we won’t judge you. In fact, we’ll join you.

12. Axel Boy - Battle Axe

Never Say Die’s Black Label isn’t in the business of endorsing lackluster dubstep. Which explains why we’ve witnessed Axel Boy’s Federalés EP become an instant success with both fans and musicians alike. Truth be told, it’s remarkable that this wobble wizard has taken this long to break through the bass music threshold, but sometimes we forget that these things don’t always happen over night. For Alex Joyce, the talent was always there. He just needed the proper grooming. Enter Never Say Die Records, and poof, the magic happens. Just like that. As for “Battle Axe,” I think it’s sizable drops will meet all of your rigorous requirements. Give it a swing, but be safe.

11. Sokka - Wario.sfx

The last submission from Migh High Club’s 1K Followers Compilation comes to our courtesy of Sokka. Resting comfortable right outside of our top ten, this slice-em-up dubstep serenade busts out the butcher knives and goes to town on your aural passages almost immediately. As your eardrums are eviscerated from the inside-out, you clench the sides of your cranium in an effort to keep your skull from fracturing. Fuck it. When your face gets melted this badly, reconstructive surgery isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Grab yourself a copy of “Wario.sfx” for free and stay on the lookout for more sickness from Sokka.

10. Traction - Nothing To Lose (Ft. Summer Williams) (Guillotine Remix)

Our top ten finalists this week are basically a who’s who of bass music’s future. It’s phenomenal, and exhilarating as well. Not only do we get to dissect drops worthy of our segment’s top rankings, they also just so happen to come from the producers making the most noise at the moment. Starting with Guillotine

Hot off the heels of his outstanding Ghouls EP, the young lad recently tackled Traction’s “Nothing To Lose” with an official remix treatment. Reconstructing the drum & bass lullaby into a finely-tuned dubstep machine, Guillotine uses these scorching drops to burn your city to the ground within seconds. Have fun sifting through the ash and rubble to locate what’s left of your belongings. You can buy new possessions, but you can never replace the thrill of hearing a fresh crop of drops.

9. Walter Wilde & Uber - Nike

Talk about getting your bell rung, this new Walter Wilde & Uber collab won’t hesitate to kick you upside the head with it’s size 16’s. On top of that, the now infamous Shia Labeouf ‘just do it’ rant is perfectly sampled for obvious motivational purposes - while also alluding to this track’s appropriate title, “Nike.” Blending Mr. Wilde’s intuitive percussion with Uber’s body-crushing bass was one heck of a dangerous idea, but I’m just relieved to see that there were no innocent casualties. At least, not yet.

8. XaeboR - Raiders

Well, as far as the underground is concerned, XaeboR is as good as it gets right now. Propelling grime back into the forefront of the dubstep community seems to be this producer’s lone priority, and that’s just fine with us. Linking up with Buygore for his release of “Raiders,” the violent drops in this supremely savage tune will plunder and pillage any living soul that so much as stares at them the wrong way. Did somebody say free download? Because that’s all we needed to hear.

7. Synoid x Code: Pandorum - Era Of Decimation

Hard dubstep will always have a place in my heart. Sure, the subgenre may be a skeleton of what it once was, but when deathstep is done well, nothing else compares. Code: Pandorum has become synonymous with dubstep productions that have a one-way ticket straight to hell, so it should come as no surprise that he again finds himself in this all-too-familiar position. Synoid on the other hand, is a newcomer to our dirty drop haven. Together, these two mischievous scoundrels concoct the kind of drops not meant for human consumption. “Era Of Decimation” doesn’t just live up to it’s title, it surpasses it.

6. Krimer - Revenge

Krimer, Krimer, Krimer. Out of all the amazing names to make this week’s cut, this producer arguably possesses the most potential out of all of them. A favorite of Snails - yes, you read that correctly, Snails - this Montreal native reminds us that Canada is (and always will be) the ultimate hub for dubstep in North America. Oh, and just in case you think I’m being biased, I’m from Chicago. But I digress, because all of our energy and focus needs to be redirected towards “Revenge.” Made up of drops that thump, bump, and aren’t afraid to knock you clean on your ass, Krimer’s bold sound is clearly paving the path for the bass music of tomorrow. Listen today, or forever risk being labeled a trend-hopper.

5. Ponicz - Pump This

Firepower Records rarely throws their support behind a producer unworthy of it. Now that I think about it, they never do. When we first received word that Ponicz would be making an appearance on the popular label’s forthcoming Flatline Vol. 2, we had to put everything else on hold and pray for the survival of mankind. Drops of this nature have been known to cause serious bodily injury or harm, so if you don’t have aspirations of being buried in the dirt anytime soon, proceed with extreme caution. Ponicz shows zero remorse - that’s the true mark of a nasty dubstep ninja.

4. Gh0sh - Chaos

Major tune alert. Humongous wubs incoming. Prepare yourself for impact, because when “Chaos” starts leaking out of your speakers, you’ll feel like a garbage truck just rumbled through the middle of your living room and painted the walls with bags of trash. Don’t even bother cleaning up. You wouldn’t have the slightest clue where to begin. You’re in over your head, so you might as well just come to terms with your fate. The variation in each drop is actually quite subtle, but if you pay close enough attention, you’ll be able to observe many of the intricacies that make Gh0sh so special. This wicked producer is destined for big things, just you wait and see.

3. Axel Boy & 50 Carrot - Federalés

As far as collaborations are concerned, “Federalés” leads the pack by miles this week. I mean, just the thought alone of Axel Boy & 50 Carrot combining their abilities left us trembling in anticipation. You should probably consider phoning the authorities in advance, just in case these rowdy drops get out of hand - which they inevitably will. Then again, these two renegade producers write the laws when it comes to anything and everything related to dubstep. Whatever they say goes. Get used to it. Any problems? No? We’re good? Okay, then let’s spark this bass music firecracker.

2. SubOxyde - Artillery Shells (Oolacile Remix)

Ask anybody who the fastest rising artist in dubstep is and you’ll get the same response 99.9% of the time, Oolacile. Now, I’ll be the first person to admit that I don’t know how to pronounce this producer’s name to save my life. Hell, if you asked me who this guy was three months ago, I would’ve given you an utterly confused look. But in this day and age, news spreads quickly. And once the rumors about Oolacile’s crooked bass creations started circulating, it didn’t take long for the dubstep faithful to confirm them. Putting his first-class sound design on full display, the punishing drops in this “Artillery Shells” remix are as brutal as they are disorienting. Expect more sonic madness from this musician in the near future, that’s an EDM.com guarantee.

1. Warrioez - Nothing On Me (Phiso Remix)

When misinformed individuals start running their mouths about how dubstep is dead or obviously a part of the past, I can’t help but rush to the defense of my favorite genre. Providing some much-needed muscle for my beyond valid argument is none other than Phiso. The Wasteland Warrior. The Hostile Horseman. The Destroyer of Dancefloors. Address him however you please, but just be sure to show this bass music badman the respect he deserves. His mental remix of “Nothing On Me” contains drops so debilitating that you’ll laugh in the face of the next knucklehead to suggest that dubstep is extinct. Music is immortal, how we choose to categorize it is relatively meaningless.

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