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Fox News Investigates 'Moms That Rave' [VIDEO]

Fox News recently ran an "investigation" into the Instagram page Moms Who Rave that celebrates mothers attending dance music events such as raves and festivals. The media conglomerate spoke with a woman named Nicole who is a mother and runs the Instagram chapter for Moms Who Rave NYC.

Not surprisingly, Fox presents EDM events as inherently dangerous, drug addled gatherings where harmful illicit behavior is sure to occur, and condemns mothers who attend these types of events as setting a bad influence for their children.

They even interview a physician who offers up his medical opinion that rave moms are amoral by nature. However, Nicole argues that mothers shouldn't have to give up what they enjoy just because they've had kids.

"If dancing is in your heart and what makes you happy, why should you stop doing what you love just because you became a mom?"

Watch the full story below...

[H/T: YourEDM]

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