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KSHMR Announces Top 3 Winners In 'Jammu' Remix Contest

Earlier this summer, KSHMR offered up his track "Jammu" for a remix contest through Spinnin' Records Talent Pool. Aspiring producers were given the opportunity to remix the track for the chance to win big and get the opportunity to work on a collaboration with KSHMR himself.

The first prize winner and two runner ups have been selected, and their remixes are available for streaming via Soundcloud. KSHMR offered up his critiques on each of the tracks.

Kyfra (Winner):

"Kyfra's remix was the most well produced remix I heard. He kept the spirit of JAMMU while evoking a new level of emotion and not relying too heavily on the existing melodies in the track."

MMM (2nd Place):

"I fell in love with MMM's remix because of the interesting chords he chose for the drop. And, as I listened to the rest of his remix, it became clear he had the musical intelligence to take that vibe and keep it alive throughout."

BL3R (3rd Place):

"Bl3r's remix was aggressive and unlike many of the other remixes I had heard. Although some people look at trap remixes as being a cheap trick, I think the 808 arrangement he did was interesting and worthy of recognition."

Listen to the three tracks below as we await KSHMR's new collab with the winner...

[H/T: WeRaveYou]

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