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Jack U Is Looking For Couples To Be In Their Next Music Video

Are you young and in love? Do you live in Detroit, or will you happen to be in Detroit next week? You could be in Jack Ü's new music video.

Diplo made an announcement on Twitter earlier today telling fans that Jack Ü is now casting for their next music video. The Mad Decent founder and one half of the supergroup duo with Skrillex explained that any young couple that can be in Detroit next week during shooting is eligible and should contact them through a special Jack Ü casting email address.

As Skrillex and Diplo said themselves in a recent interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, EDM is all about collaboration not just among artists but among artists and fans (even non-fans), as well. For their first Jack Ü music video, which accompanies their single "Where Are Ü Now" featuring Justin Bieber, the duo asked fans to come to an art gallery in Los Angeles to draw there way into the music video.

"It was a cool concept because what we did is we just shot Justin Bieber dancing and performing in a very simple background but then took all of the stills from the video and opened an art gallery in L.A. and invited fans, haters and artists to draw whatever they wanted to on Justin Bieber."

"There were 1,000 stills," Diplo said, "It was fan-made, the video... because our album is so collaborative... we wanted the video and the way that we used Justin Bieber's voice into something that personified what it is to be Justin Bieber, as a piece of art himself... we created something out of that... out of the idea of creating a pedestal for artists, and how you can paint them yourselves. And we wanted to make the video collaborative by our fans and the people who know Justin Bieber, make something different.

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