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DJ Snake Talks Inspiration, Rapping & Upcoming Album [VIDEO]

DJ Snake recently sat down with FORBES for an interview, which saw the producer discussing the secret to his success behind a string of chart-topping hits including "Turn Down For What," "Get Low" with Dillon Francis and "Lean On" with Major Lazer. The French DJ also had some news to share...

Discussing the secret to his success as one of the hottest producers in EDM and pop, DJ Snake explains that it's as much a mystery to him as anyone else.

"I wish I knew. Maybe God gave me good ears so I know when something sounds big."

He also talked about what inspired him to become a DJ in the first place, citing a french film from the nineties.

"There's a classic movie in France called La Haine, there is a scene in the movie where DJ Cut Killer is one of the biggest European DJ's in the film. And he's scratching like crazy, and when I saw that I was fourteen and I said "That's what I want to do.""

DJ Snake also mentions that at one point he attempted to jump start his rap career, but in his own words says that he was "terrible." Most importantly, however, he confirms that his debut studio album is on the way.

"I'm working on it right now, I'm really excited. I'm gonna try a lot of different stuff. When you're gonna listen to the album, you're gonna understand where I'm from, my roots. I'm coming from a hip hop background."

Watch the full interview below...

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