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EDM.com Spotlight

Kygo Premieres Highly Anticipated Collaboration With Legendary Band

Back in June, Apple Music announced that to help celebrate their new streaming service they would be enlisting the king of tropical house Kygo to recreate a classic. The partnership would see Kygo collaborate with legendary 80's synthpop group A-ha to bring their class 1985 hit "Take On Me" back to life.

“I am truly excited about having the opportunity to work with with A-Ha and Apple to make this collaboration happen. I think it was a great idea, and been looking forward to show you guys this. It’s exciting times in the streaming world and we are really excited Apple is behind this new genre of music we have created. They are always on top of what’s cool and new. Apple has always done things in an innovative way and we are excited they are behind this.” - Kygo

"My excitement to work with Kygo on this idea was abundantly clear to anyone who was within five feet of me these past few weeks — I couldn't stop talking about it... More than being a great DJ and producer, this guy is an impressive musician, and a lot of people are just discovering that." - Larry Jackson (Head of Content, Apple Music)

Yesterday, the fruits of this exciting collaboration and Kygo's valiant efforts were revealed. Kygo just debuted the remix on Apple Music, delivering a fresh new take on a beloved classic. The track showcases the Norwegian producer's ability to re-contextualize popular songs to fit his own breezy style, and is a welcome new addition to his portfolio of remixes.

Injecting his signature tropical-flavored pan flutes and wavy ambiance, Kygo's production style compliments Morten Harket's soaring falsetto perfectly, and his mellow grooves give the song a relaxed dance backing.

Listen to Kygo's remix of "Take On Me" below...

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