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EDM.com Spotlight

New Friend-Finding Drone Solves Your Music Festival Problems [VIDEO]

Pepsi Max has created a special new drone to help locate friends in a sea of people at festivals and music events. Called The Friend Finder, the GPRS-powered blimp was first deployed at New Look Wireless Festival in London, England, where it floated over crowds and guided wandering music listeners back to their friends.

Music festivals are notorious for having cell phone service problems, as the enormous influx of people puts a strain on networks often leavings festival-goers incommunicado. If you and your friends get separated at a festival, the likelihood that you'll be able to get back in contact with them, let alone find them, is extremely slim.

While this can be a great incentive to branch out and meet new like-minded music fans, most festival-goers would be thrilled to have an alternative method of reuniting with their crew. The Friend Finder could be that solution.

Check out the funny video below that shows The Friend Finder in action...

[H/T: EDMSauce]

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