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Watch Kid Rock Tear Up A Killer DJ Scratch Routine [VIDEO]

Kid Rock is surprising everyone on the internet right now thanks to a video that was uploaded showcasing his excellent DJ skills. Whether you are/were ever a fan of the rap rocker or not, this demonstration of his rhythm and style is straight up impressive. Since he's often preaching about the good days when rock n' roll ruled the world, many people don't know or have forgotten that the Detroit musician got his start by rapping and spinning and has always been well-respected in the hip hop community. This video, however, offers hard evidence for any nonbelievers - Kid Rock really can scratch like a pro.

The video, which may or may not be directly endorsed by Jim Beam whiskey, shows Kid Rock in his usual wife beater and hat combo tearing up the DJ deck with a fiery scratch routine. He's so fluid with his scratching that he's even able to light a cigar and pour a glass of whiskey mid-set without dropping a beat. Of course, he mixes in some classic rock n' roll with AC/DC's "Back In Black."

Witness Kid Rock's scratching skills for yourself in the video below:

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