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Join Nicky Romero Behind The Scenes Of 'We Are Your Friends' [VIDEO]

The upcoming EDM film We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron hits theaters nationwide tomorrow, and Warner Bros. Pictures, the studio behind the film just released a behind the scenes video of superstar DJ Nicky Romero during his time on the set. The film spared no expense ensuring they had industry insiders working as consultants on the film, and brought in Romero, Alesso, and Dillon Francis to aid the production.

Romero shares what he believes are the most important elements of a successful DJ in today's EDM.

"We're here in Los Angeles on the set for We Are Your Friends, it's my first time being on set and I'm super excited to be a part of all this. The key to being a good DJ in my opinion is to be unique. You really need your own sound. You need to be a producer. Especially right now, there's so many DJ's, you need to have your own songs."

Romero performed a liveDJ set to a sold out crowd in the video.

"The most fun in all this is just that you're able to give people a good time. If you can do that around the world, what elese is better?"

Watch the full video below:

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