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EDM.com Spotlight

Avicii Premieres Two New Singles With Completely Different Sound

Earlier this week, Avicii revealed the titles of two new songs off his upcoming album Stories, "For A Better Day" and "Pure Grinding." To celebrate the first day the album became available for pre-order, the Swedish producer released the two singles for streaming on Spotify. The two tracks prove to be the most unexpected work Avicii has produced yet.

"For A Better Day" sees the producer taking his acoustic flirtations to the furthest extreme in his career so far, featuring stark piano chords and vocals by Alex Ebert. The song shows off his familiar ragtime piano riffs and stripped down minimalist drums.

Gone are the bubbly synth leads and electronic trickery that usually accompanies his productions of this nature, and "For A Better Day" winds up being his least electronic song yet.

"Pure Grinding" is an unexpected hip hop/trap number, with goofy retro synths and funky guitar licks alongside soulful vocals.

Both tracks see Avicii stepping back from EDM trends and further establishing him as a pop producer.

Listen to the two new tracks below..

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