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Kill The Noise Releases New Song And Talks Upcoming Album

Kill The Noise recently released a preview of his new song "Kill It 4 The Kids," a cut from his upcoming debut studio album Occult Classic that features AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno and Rock City.

The track is a head banging piece of EDM thrash, featuring his heavily distorted signature synth work, hard hitting trap beats, and shouted vocal samples.

Talking to Rolling Stone, Stanczak explained that with his album he's trying to take his music in new directions.

"I had ended up in a place where I started feeling like I was rewriting stuff that I'd already done before. There's all these demos that I had been writing that I had been afraid to put more time into because I didn't feel like it was stuff that people would understand. Especially in dance music, people just want to get their head blown off in the first 15 seconds. Creatively, that's just a really restrictive place to be."

He also touches on the subject of Dubstep, and talks about why he doesn't relate to it anymore.

"Not that I don't love dubstep — I love dubstep — but I didn't even start putting dubstep out until 2011, and I've been doing Kill the Noise since 2007, you know? Now I think that the only way for me to get it through people's fucking heads is to not make any dubstep."

Lastly, Stanczak reveals that the new song has some unexpected instrumental choices.

"And this song has guitars in it as well, some guitar stuff that I played, so there's this combination of stuff happening inside the digital realm and stuff going on in the analog world. You're kind of only limited by your processing power, how much you can master the sound."

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