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Kygo Talks Dream Collabs & Pre-Show Rituals With Christina Milian [VIDEO]

Kygo sat down for an interview at the debut Billboard Hot 100 Festival, answering questions on a variety of topics, including his dream collab, performing with Conrad Sewell, and how he gets pumped for a show.

Kygo revealed his top three dream collabs in the interview, citing three non-EDM artists/groups.

"I remixed a lot of songs by Ed Sheerhan, and he's one of my favorite artists so I would love to make a song with him. I love Coldplay and The Weeknd. If I have to choose three, that's gonna be the three I want to collaborate with."

He also discussed how he gets prepared to go out on stage.

"I usually get very excited when I'm at the venue, and I can hear other acts playing before me, you can hear the crowd cheering. When you're at a festival or a venue, you get the atmosphere and you just get very excited."

Lastly, he talks about bringing Conrad Sewell, who provided vocals on Kygo's first single "Firestone", on stage with him during his new live show format.

"It's been a dream, "Firestone" was my first single that I ever released, and the response that song has been getting, it's so cool to play it at festivals and shows where everybody sings along. I guess when I bring Conrad, it brings a new dimension to my show when he comes on stage. He's really good at pumping the crowd up."

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