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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex Shares Favorite Tracks This Week With New Selects Playlist

Skrillex has dropped another round of Skrillex Selects for the week of 8/27, delivering a new playlist of his top five picks. This week's Selects sees the megastar producer scouring his own home base of OWSLA, with Mija's remix of Major Lazer on "B2GETHER" and Basecamp's "Mara." We also get a new "Where Are Ü Now" remix, and an AC Slater track.

Mija's remix opens with an ethereal vocal loop before busting into slow riding 808 beats. Mija forges a magical vibe with her remix, twisting and pitch shifting Wild Belle's vocals from the original.

Skrillex doesn't fail to bring the bass this week though, including Spag Heddy's "Like WTF," a raucous bass house track that doesn't quit. AC Slater's "U Got 2" kicks things off in a similar vibe with pounding beats and rumbling sub bass.

Listen to this week's Skrillex Selects below...

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