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Deadmau5 Discusses His Troll Reputation & 'Bad Attitude' [VIDEO]

Deadmau5 continued his AMA-style fan directed interviews, delivering a few more personal video message responses to his inquiring fan base through AsqMe, discussing his reputation as the twitter troll king, his feud with international icon Mickey Mouse, and why he refrains from participating in the major EDM festivals.

Deadmau5 talks about his constant trolling and twitter tirades, explaining that he's not interested in personally attacking anyone, but rather expressing his annoyance with EDM as a trend machine. His issue is with people ascending into the scene who he thinks haven't truly earned their success.

The Canadian producer also speaks about his beef with Mickey Mouse, stating that he's relieved to have the feud in the past now.

Deadmau5 also discusses his distaste for the major EDM festivals such as Ultra and Electric Daisy Carnival, stating that he's more interested in playing to "emerging markets" and playing a different mix of festivals than most of his contemporaries tend to headline.

He says not only do the big EDM festivals not appeal to him as a performer, but he has a hard time seeing himself enjoying them from the audience perspective.

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