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Watch Jack Black Crash Die Antwoord's Set At HARD Festival [VIDEO]

South African duo Die Antwoord surprised their audience over the weekend at HARD Summer Festival by bringing out a special celebrity guest, gracing the stage with none other than Tenacious D frontman, actor and comedian Jack Black.

The comedian and musician appeared on stage, babbling on in his usual ridiculous manner and donning the same white sweat shirt he wore in Die Antwoord's "Ugly Boy" music video.

It's difficult to make out just what Jack Black is saying to the crowd, who initially don't seem to realize who he is, but its entertaining nonetheless.

Ninja then takes the microphone and (dubiously) introduces their next track as "The Pick of Destiny," referencing the Tenacious D film Black starred in.

Check out the video of Jack Black's HARD escapades below:

Fans of Die Antwoord know that Jack Black was featured in the duo's music video for their track "Ugly Boy" along with Marilyn Manson, Flea and Cara Delevingne.

Check it out below...

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