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Steve Aoki & Pete Tong Explain Why Ibiza Is The Ultimate EDM Mecca

Two of EDM's biggest stars, Steve Aoki and Pete Tong, talked about the lasting impact Ibiza has had on electronic dance music. The Balearic island has always been known for its nightlight, but the last decade as seen the island evolve into a mecca for dance mus

Pete Tong explains the pivotal role he himself played in branding the island as a haven of dance music and nightlife. In the early days of the iconic DJ's career, he convinced Radio 1 to set up shop on the party island with regular nights, kicking things off in 1995 at Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo. This helped to shape the future of the radio station and establish Ibiza as a premiere dance destination early on.

Tong recalls making it to the ten year mark and the success he achieved along the way.

"When we got to ten years we were all pinching ourselves because we couldn't believe that had happened and we had a monumental night at Space. I played on the terrace that night and it is one of the best gigs I have done anywhere in the world. That sticks in my memory."

He breaks it down in simpler terms, using a sports analogy to explain the important of his work in Ibiza.

"To use a football analogy it is still seen to be the Champions League or the World Cup finals y'know. People still feel it is the best place to show off what they do, the best place to prove yourself and the best place to be inspired by new music."

Steve Aoki pays homage to the famed party island as well, explaining the importance it has had on his career as a world famous DJ.

"It is the mecca of dance music, so for any DJ, one of the goals in a career is to hold down a residency in Ibiza. It is difficult, you get a lot of competition because Ibiza represents (dance music) all across the board. Not just techno or house music or EDM, it is everything so it was important for me to go, 'OK now we have an offer for residency' to actually be here, so I moved here."

But it's not just Ibiza's world famous nightlife that attracts DJ's to the island, but the inherent beauty in the nature of the island as well.

"When you discover all these amazing places around the island that have nothing to do with the music culture but just the island itself, all the cliffs you can jump off , all the places you can swim, it has beautiful waters."

But not only does the Mediterranean island offer stunning natural formations, it also contains some esoteric man-made structures in the vein of Stonehenge and the pyramids.

I recently found this mythological place that looks like Stonehenge. People thought that aliens made it and built it in Ibiza, which wasn't the case, but there is a huge mythology about that and it is so cool to find things like that.

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