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Emergency Room Doctors Condemn EDM Furthering War On Raves

The ongoing war on EDM in Los Angeles County following the deaths of two young women at HARD Summer festival earlier this month continues. Most recently, it comes in the form of damning comments from LA-based emergency room doctors, who are arguing that raves shouldn't be held on publicly owned land due to the social health issues related to EDM events.

Dr. Brian Johnston, chair of the emergency medicine department at White Memeorial Medical Center made the following comment.

โ€œThere is a culture here that is inherently dangerous in the drugs used. It is a dangerous drug and the culture is to use that drug and to dance to exhaustion. The idea of our local government working with the promoters and generating revenue from these events is grotesque. โ€

Johnston further elaborated his stance against EDM.

"When you're in a large crowd, and the music is overwhelming, and you're loaded on speed, I think it's inherently dangerous and I don't think we should participate in that as a government, as a society. It's illegal for a reason."

Dr. Marc Futernick, emergency services medical director at another LA hospital, explained how emergency rooms prepare for nearby raves by adding more staff.

"In my whole career, I have never seen this type of pathology at any time, except for during a rave.โ€

These comments came after Live Nation agreed to cancel one HARD event and scale back future events, including Day of the Dead which they also made a 21+ event.

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