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Oliver Heldens Updates A Dancefloor Classic In This New HI-LO Remix

Oliver Heldens has taken on a classic dancefloor anthem in his latest HI-LO offering. A remix of Da Hool's classic nineties house track "Meet Her At The Love Parade," the new HI-LO remix sees him updating the track's catchy grooves and adding in his loveable bass flair.

Heldens opens his remix with the memorable old-school melody from the original, before quickly piling it under a barrage of infectious grooves and the thick bouncing future bass he's known for.

In keeping with the bass n' beats style of his recent HI-LO moniker, the Dutch DJ superstar forges an unstoppable dance floor juggernaut from the original classic, fit for modern audiences.

Listen to the remix below...

[H/T: YourEDM]

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