One of the most common themes amongst history's greatest philosophers, inventors, scholars, and others is their unique sleep patterns, more specifically, their affinity for naps.

The skill of napping is an indispensable tool for any hard worker, and although DJs might not seem like it, they can be one of the hardest working people out there.

Crazy tour schedules and longer-than-usual studio sessions serve as the biggest catalysts for naps, and industry groups such as Nap Girls routinely emphasize the importance of napping in EDM. These 10 DJs have honed their skill beyond a reasonable doubt, and we can see them in their most natural states below:

1. Zzzzzedd

2. Skrill-let's just take a nap

3. Dillon Fran-sleep

4. The Naked Aoki

5. Diplo aka Random Nap Dude

6. Nervo-Napping 101

7. "Don't Wake Me Up" - Avicii

8. Dead-man5

9. The Tired Tiesto

10. The Ultimate Sleepover with Zedd, Steve Aoki & Skrillex

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