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News Report Shows How Drug Policies Can Lead To More Deaths [VIDEO]

A recent Australian 60-Minutes news segment is shedding light on the effectiveness of more progressive strategies to reduce the number of deaths at music events and festivals due to drug use.

The news story then takes you to a dance party in Vienna, Austria.

"The chances are high that no one will die at this party because they can have their drugs tested right next to the dance floor... the police stay away to encourage the young party-goers to have their drugs checked..."

This particular program in Vienna is even payed from by the city's health department. The tests reveal exactly what is in the drug so the user can than know if what they purchased or were given is what they were told or is unknown and/or highly dangerous.

Vienna is one of many European cities that offer state-sanctioned pill testing center. These types of approaches are bring presented in hopes of changing current drugs policies which ignore reality.

"This is the equivalent of priests telling young people not to have sex. It represents a stunning misunderstanding of adolescent psychology."

The in-depth news story was inspired by a young Australian woman who died of ecstasy when she panicked after learning there were drug sniffers at a party. She had already taken a pill but proceeded to take two more that she was holding in order

Watch the enlightening report in full below...

Source: 9jumpin.com

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