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EDM.com Spotlight

MO Talks Working With Major Lazer & The Time A-Trak Bailed Her Out

MØ has been very busy since she teamed up with Major Lazer for the vocals in their now-infamous track "Lean On."Giving fans a glimpse of the woman behind the pipes, Billboard recently chronicled a week in the life of MØ giving fans insight into the everyday life of the Danish singer/songwriter.

A week in the life of MØ involved everything from hiking mountains in Norway to recording in her childhood bedroom-turned-studio to still getting a little stage fright before a performance.

"Even though you've done it a thousand times," she told Billboard, "it's a new situation every time you walk onstage."

But MØ is in good company and receives awesome support from her bandmates. "They're like my family," she says.

Billboard then follows MØ to the south coast of Spain for the Benicassim Festival, the "European Coachella" as she describes it. Unfortunately, one of the sound cards she uses in her stage setup broke and fixing it so she could still perform meant asking fellow performer A-Trak to shorten his setup time.

"I really owe him one!" MØ said.

Finally, Billboard's week with MØ culminates in the singer waking up one morning to learn that "Lean On" had just hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"I didn't believe it when my manager told me," she said, thinking it was a prank and disclosing that she actually thought the song was "too indie" to ever really take off. "I told him, 'You can't say this if it's not true.' "

Despite her busy schedule, MØ recently took time to hi the studio again with Major Lazer to record a new cover of Frank Ocean's "Lost." Check it out below...

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