EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Download Over 4 Gigs of Music By UZ, Mr. Carmack, and More Via BitTorrent

BitTorrent has become a leader in content hosting over the last few years, especially within the EDM community. Icons and up-and-comers within the industry have utilized the platform's ergonomic distribution platform to bridge the gap between themselves and their audience, and it has changed the landscape of electronic music culture today.

July saw an amazing collection of BitTorrent Bundles released by artists and labels within the EDM community, and we've listed them for your convenience below:

1. Mr. Carmack: Red EP

‘Red’ is a collection of seven originals, bootlegs, and collaborations from Los Angeles producer, Mr. Carmack, available via BitTorrent Bundle. It is the 1st of 3 EP's dropping in the coming months; part of the Red, White and Yellow series.

2. ƱZ: ƱZ

The illustrious trap producer ƱZ's BitTorrent Bundle contains 45 songs including the ‘Frontier’ EP, select Trap Shit tracks, unreleased tunes, remixes, collaborations, and mixes — plus wallpaper, a Trap Translator (ШῌỊϾῌ ⱢЄ₮Ϩ ΫØṲ ШЯỊ₮Є ⱢỊКЄ ₮ῌỊϨ), and more. Also included is a key to unlock the location of ƱZ's elusive Trap Shit V10, and a special rap contest for a chance to appear on an official release with ƱZ himself!

3. Martin Gore: MGxMG

Download the MGxMG Remix Bundle to unlock exclusive videos and the stems to Martin Gore’s “Featherlight”. Remix your own take on the track, and upload it to Soundcloud. One remix will be chosen for a feature on Martin Gore’s upcoming digital EP, out October 2nd. The deadline for submission is August 21, with a winning remix announced August 31.

4. Huoratron: Corpus

Corpus is an unabridged repository that represents the entire body of work of the entity we know as Huoratron. The Corpus BitTorrent Bundle includes 18 free audio, visual, and image files, 8 premium files, and access to the exclusive mailing list.

5. The Polish Ambassador: Pushing Through The Pavement Remixes

The World's Funkiest Diplomat is back again with a brand new remix compilation. Bringing together both premiere artists and a selection of contest winners, The Polish Ambassador's 2014 release, Pushing Through The Pavement, gets a completely new look through the eyes of these talented producers. Keep an eye out for more releases and brand new original work later this summer.

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