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EDM.com Spotlight

Porter Robinson Talks Dream Collabs, Nicknames & Inspiration [VIDEO]

Porter Robinson has quickly risen to stardom as a superstar DJ and producer over the last several years, and has fans all over the world. Porter has a very strong fanbase in Japan, so he decided to show Japan some love by answering questions from fans in a series of videos on the Japanese website AsQme. Porter discusses everything from his musical inspirations to Japanese musicians he would be interested in collaborating with. Check it out for yourself in the videos below.

Are there any Japanese musicians that you want to collaborate with?

In Japan, you are often introduced as an “Ikemen DJ” (Hot Guy DJ) or as a “young noble man of EDM”. What do you think about that?

The songs you’ve made are very unique, but what inspires you when you make music?

How do you come up with ideas when you write songs? P.S. I love Porter Robinson.

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