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Find Out What EDM's Top DJs Are Earning On Tour

Yet another study has proven that it really pays to be a world famous DJ. Conducted by Pollstar, two separate lists of revenues generated by touring artists in 2014 compare the profits seen by artists as they tour America and performers who make it around the world. The lists looked at ticket sales, average ticket prices, the DJs average payout for each show and their yearly earnings, showing just how lucrative the title of DJ can be.

Steve Aoki ranks in at 94th place on the North American tour list, earning on average $81,000 per show, raking in a total of $3.8 million in 2014 from a 90,000 ticket sales.

Above & Beyond hit the list at the 75 spot, selling more than 110,000 tickets last year at the average cost of a little over $40. However, their average earning for a night on stage is $150,000, raking in just under $5 million for 34 performances.

Trance producer Armin van Buuren appeared at the 74th spot on the World list, earning an average of $400,000 a night. With 22 performances last year, he found himself earning a total of $9 million from his DJ efforts.

Avicii finds himself in the coveted spot as top earning EDM act in the world list, topping out at the number 30 spot. Averaging an astonishing average pull of $750,000 per show. Avicii made $21 million from his live performances in 2014, selling more than 320,000 tickets. With a relatively light touring schedule of only 30 performances last year, Avicii is setting himself apart as top-earning touring DJ.

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