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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Borgore's New Track 'Goddess' With Half Empty

Borgore and Half Empty have just dropped a new dubstep banger titled "Goddess" and featuring Pouya. The collaboration features filthy raps, classic dubstep talking bass and slow-riding grooves.

"Goddess" opens with a pitched down rap section in the stylistic vein as Skrillex's "Ragga Bomb" before moving on to the Pouya heavy verses, who holds down the track with his dirty rhymes. The drops feature classic dubstep flair, complete with grimey sound design and morphing, spastic bass rhythms that pull along the half time drums.

The track doesn't really bring anything new to the genre, but it executes its stylistic mainstays with enough precision to satisfy bass lovers.

Check out "Goddess" below, and then snag your own copy here.

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