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Deadmau5 Talks His Favorite Track, Mouse Helmet & Finding Skrillex

Continuing his series of Ask Me Anything style interviews with AsqMe, deadmau5 dropped several more video responses to fan-drafted questions, touching on topics that range from discovering Skrillex to how the first mouse helmet came to be.

In the first video, deadmau5 discusses how he discovered Skrillex before he was the world famous DJ we know and love today. Through a chance meeting, Sonny Moore was able to give deadmau5 his demo, which he was instantly impressed by. He wound up signing to the mau5trap label and releasing his now famous Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites EP that established bro-step as a formidable force in American dance music. He also explains why he wasn't fond of Jack Ü's "Where Are Ü Now."

When asked which of his own songs is his favorite, deadmau5 reveals that he doesn't really listen to his own music, and prefers to listen to some of his favorites like Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin. However, he states that if he had to pick one, it would be "Creep" from While (1<2).

One fan asked about how the mouse helmet came about. Deadmau5 describes how it originated as something of a novelty when he created the signature mouse head that represents his brand in a 3D modelling program many years before and superimposed it over a photo of a friend. That friend suggested he wear it during his musical performances, after which deadmau5 commissioned the first mouse helmet from Jim Hensen's production company.

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