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Deadmau5 Drops In On Fans To Perform Another Surprise Set

Deadmau5 threw on his mouse helmet for an unannounced performance last night, treating Seattle fans to a surprise live set at the International DOTA 2 Championships, a tournament event that pits gamer against gamer for the glorious title of being the most skilled DOTA 2 player. The championship offered the winning team a grand prize of $18 million for their efforts and was held at KeyArena Seattle Center.

As fans know, deadmau5 has been connected to DOTA, releasing a soundtrack for the game earlier this summer. The Canadian DJ and producer took to twitter and Instagram to document last night's event, posting a picture of the arena as well as an image of him posing with Gabe Newell of Valve, the game's production company.

Game 4, let's get it on!

A photo posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

Gabe Newell confirmed.

A photo posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

During the surprise set, deadmau5 reportedly played Avicii's "Levels" in the middle of his own classic anthem "Strobe."

[H/T: YourEDM]

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