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Kill The Noise Releases New Remix Of GTA's 'Parental Advisory'

Kill The Noise recently dropped a new remix of GTA's "Parental Advisory," recalling the days when he produced hard hitting drum and bass under the name Ewun. Kill The Noise, real name Jake Stanczak, breathes new life into the track, which was released on March 23rd on GTA's DTG, Vol. 1.

Kill The Noise transforms the house grooves of the original into a high octane barrage of mutant bass and percussive attacks. The remix opens up with the vocoded samples originally used in "Kill The Noise Pt. 1," as a vocal snippet warns "Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised," setting up the track's gritty theme.

Rapid fire drums quickly join the mix, as Stanczak mixes his signature growl bass with GTA's sirens from the original version. At just two and a half minutes in length, he melds the abrasive sound of Kill The Noise into the track, bouncing between drum and bass and drumstep tempos.

Check out the remix below...

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