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EDM.com Spotlight

Rebel Radio Ep. 6: Gabriel Garzon-Montano - Never Sell Your Own Values

Staying 100% Authentic, A Rebel's Story

Rebel Radio is a weekly podcast, hosted by your humble servant, exploring the relationship between art and business in underground culture. Through interviews with creative entrepreneurs who have shaped the roots and future of the underground, we uncover what it takes to build and sustain a career out of making art. Rebel Radio is presented in partnership with EDM.com.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano is my guest this week.

Gabriel is definitely an artist on the bubble. He’s been sampled by Drake and toured with Lenny Kravitz, been featured on Red Bull Sound Select, before even releasing a record. He has a sexy soul vibe that sounds cool on Soundcloud and hot on stage.

Even though he’s young in the game, Gabriel comes off real mature like, all about not disrespecting women, taking care of his body, and constantly stepping up his game. He’s got lessons for all of us about coping with success each step of the way and always staying focused on what really matters. When he starts feeling him self too much, he tells himself “Okay, let me get back to work.”

Words to live by.

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