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Watch Steve Aoki In New Episode 'On The Road Tomorrowland' [VIDEO]

Steve Aoki just released his latest episode and special Tomorrowland edition of his web series "On The Road." The DJ megastar takes fans behind the scenes as he prepares for one of the most critial EDM events of the year.

“There is this incredible sense of solidarity and unity... sometimes I look at this crowd of 50,000, and it’s like I’m talking to one unified voice and that’s a very spiritual thing... These experiences are life-changing.”

The Dim Mak maestro had his work cut out for him this year as the DJ put together two very different sets for the 2015 Tomorrowland, one on his own curated stage and a closing set on the mainstage.

For his Dim Mak stage, Aoki curated a roster that represents the current sound and culture of the brand with artists including Dirty Phonics, Uberjackd, Crookers and Qulinez, among others.

Aoki explained his nervousness as he disclosed his plan to unleash his "Titantic" theme song bootleg edit.

"It's one of those epic songs that no one dares to touch but I'm going to do it - I mean, I did it - and I'm going to unleash it and we'll see what happens. It's kind of a scary moment."

Watch the full "On The Road To Tomorrowland" episode below..

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