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Watch These French Girls Cover 'Lean On' With A Cello & Drum [VIDEO]

A performance group composed of three French girls named Lucie, Elisa and Juliette have taken the internet by storm this week, delivering the latest viral video in the form of a cover mashup. The video sees the girls playing a variety of pop songs, using just their voices, a cello, and a singular drum as they bend genres and mix together a variety of disparate top 10 hits.

The all-girl trio span eleven different songs in their three and a half minute long video, coverming Major Lazer and DJ Snake's "Lean On," David Guetta and Afrojack's "Hey Mama" with Nicki Minaj, Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" and Rihanna's most remixed song "Bitch Better Have My Money."

The combination of sparse, semi-classical instrumentation mixed with their smoky vocals results in a memorable mashup and performance piece.

Check out the video below...

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