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UK High Court Enacts New Copyright Law That Makes iTunes Illegal

A new law passed by the United Kingdom High Court has basically turned iTunes into illegal music-piracy-abetting software. The new law caters to the interests of copyright holders at the expense of consumers, making it illegal to make a secondary copy of intellectual properties that a person has purchased. So for instance, copying a CD you just bought into your iTunes library so you can listen to it on your iPod is now considered illegal.

The law was met with confusion and opposition as TorrentFreak questioned Britain's Intellectual Property Office if ripping a CD to mp3 could truly be considered an illegal act. This was the response from a representative of the IPO:

It is now unlawful to make private copies of copyright works you own, without permission from the copyright holder—this includes format shifting from one medium to another.

Under the new law, music fans would be required to purchase multiple formats of an artists work to be able to listen to the music in a different setting, and allows consumers no ability to back up material they already purchased.

The British government has stated that they don't believe anyone will face legal repercussions from CD ripping for personal use, but the implications of the law seem to make that scenario possible.

We can only hope that this kind of thing won't catch on in other countries.

[H/T: MacWorld]

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