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EDM.com Spotlight

Frontman Of Legendary Rock Band Kiss Gets An EDM Remix

Paul Stanley from the famous rock band Kiss, just got his first induction into the world of EDM, thanks to a remix produced by Snaked. Snaked is an as of yet relatively unknown EDM duo, and judging by their logo and Soundcloud art, they're going for a vintage hard rock/EDM crossover appeal.

"Paul Stanley" is based around various samples of on-stage ramblings from the track's namesake rocker, as he spouts motivational quotes to the audience. Musically, it boasts trap beats, screwed up vocal effects, and one cheesy guitar riff.

The result is a silly but somehow awesome remix, that blends the sounds of yesterday's guitar gods with production points of modern dance music.

Listen to Snaked's "Paul Stanley" below...

[H/T: GuitarWorld]

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