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Skrillex Shows Up For Britney Spears In Awesome Way [VIDEO]

Excuse the extra soft news content but it's always cool to see different sides of the music world collide. Skrillex got friendly with 90's icon Britney Spears over the weekend during her Las Vegas residency, attending one of her concerts and later heading backstage to meet with the pop singer and her children. Skrillex posed for a photo op with the 33-year-old singer and her kids, and Spears later tweeted the image, calling Skrillex a "sweetheart" and thanking him for the meet and greet, which meant a lot to her sons who are presumably fans.

The meeting may seem a bit mismatched, but Spears has featured elements of underground dance music in her songs in the past, even experimenting with the sonic stylings of early dubstep on "Freakshow" in 2007. If this is the budding of a new friendship... who knows what musical experiments could ensue.

Skrillex shared a video via snapchat as he rocked out at the Britney Spears concert.

Check it out below...

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