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EDM.com Spotlight

Zedd Offers Fans Free Tickets In Exchange For Charitable Donations

Zedd has been busy proving himself as a formidable force in dance music this year, putting on one of the most memorable album release marketing campaigns for his sophomore effort True Colors which came out earlier this year. The producer then took off for the global True Colors Tour, snatching up Dillon Francis and Madeon as supporting acts.

To send the love back to his fans and those in need, the Grammy-winning producer showed his true colors last night by offering up 500 tickets to his sold out show in Manila in exchange for acts of charity from his fans.

Fans had the opportunity to snatch up a free tickets by supporting the Happiness In A Bag program, a social cause that offers donation packages of school supplies and food for the underprivileged. So not only is Zedd doing what he can to help others, he's offering his fans an awesome experiences to reward their good deeds.

Zedd has mentioned his affinity for the Philippines as one of his favorite tour stops.

I’m always excited to be here. When people ask me in interviews where I love to play I will always mention the Philippines because it has a really special place in my heart for sure… I’ve been coming back for a reason. I’ve always been seeing a lot of passion, a lot of support, a lot of love, and a lot of attention to details as well in the Philippines.

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