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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex's 'Bangarang' Gets A Surprisingly Incredible Acoustic Cover

An acoustic cover of Skrillex's 2012 hit single "Bangarang" is garnering attention on the internet and for good reason. This unlikely cover is a captivating recreation of the popular dubstep track using only chopsticks, slap bass, cello and piano.

The group of musicians responsible for recording, producer, mixing and mastering the cover is calling themselves the HAMMERBIRDS, and the video - uploaded on August 24 - is actually the first in a series, with more coming soon.

The "Bangarang" cover takes you back to Skrillex's hay day as a purely dubstep pioneer before he began experimenting with other genres while impressing you with the cover musicians' keen ability to recreate the song's melodies and drum and synth patterns with an unexpected combination of acoustic instruments.

With the famous Skrillex track as their first cover, it will certainly be interesting to see what their next selection will be.

Watch the HAMMERBIRDS perform their "Bangarang" cover below...