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EDM.com Spotlight

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Israeli Psytrance pioneers Infected Mushroom have returned with a brand new album titled Converting Vegetarians II, a follow up to their influential 2003 LP. The official release is slated for tomorrow, September 11, but Infected Mushroom's team was cool enough to contact EDM.com to offer an exclusive pre-release stream.

Featuring 14 tracks of never before heard music, Converting Vegetarians II sees the duo crafting a cohesive album out of disparate parts, touching on a wide array of styles and sounds, while preserving the psychedelic textures that established them as a force to be reckoned with in electronic music.

Album opener "She Zorement" sets the listener up for the thirteen tracks that follow, kicking off with an infectious melody and growling synth bass before a head-nodding beat joins the mix. The music takes its time, slowly introducing new elements that break the listeners expectations with funky vocal samples edited into mind boggling rhythms.

"Yamaka's In Space" is up next, a sprawling seven-minute sonic journey with broiling percussion and a spaced-out atmosphere. Pink Floyd-esque synth melodies ring away for several minutes before an ethereal vocal pierces through the mix to bring the track home.

Other highlights from the album include lead single "Fields Of Grey" featuring heavily processed vocals from Sasha Grey. Opening with a brooding chord sequence drenched in reverb, the track quickly erupts into a psytrance tinged electro-house banger, with driving beats and constantly shifting basslines. "Field Of Grey" brings the most energy to the collection of largely down-tempo music, and will be sure to be a staple in the duo's upcoming live performances.

Converting Vegetarians II sees Infected Mushroom returning to their roots at full caliber, with plenty of world vocal samples, instrumental experimentation, and grooves that range from head-nodding to toe-tapping all in the same song. In a genre dominated by singles and EPs, Infected Mushroom have taken the high road, delivering a tightly, conceptual album designed to be enjoyed from front to back, with each track flowing seamlessly into the next.

You can head here to pre-order Converting Vegetarians II and receive "Fields Of Grey" as an instant download.

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