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EDM.com Spotlight

Mightiest Melodies of the Week Vol. 2 Featuring Hardwell, Cedric Gervais, Mat Zo & More

Despite the massive influx of genres and subgenres moving in and out of the spotlight, house music continues to dominate the airwaves.

It's clear that the greater masses still have their ears and hearts captivated by the sounds of progressive house, electro house, and trance producers, so it's also understanding that many up-and-comers are looking to immerse themselves in this growing trend.

10. "Home (Elephante Remix)" - Deluka

Although progressive house has solidified its sound throughout the last decade, there are more than a handful of up-and-coming and established artists today that are still turning heads with their anthemic sound. Elephante has made a powerful name for himself in the last few years, and his latest remix of "Home" by Deluka proves that his sound is bigger than ever. "Home" has energy, emotion, and a certain "magic" that ensures him a solid future in the growing scene; we can't wait to hear what he's prepared next.

9. "How You Love U & I (3LAU Mashup)" - 3LAU vs Galantis

It was merely five years ago when artists such as Girl Talk and Super Mash Bros. made their names through "mashups" of the biggest hits in rock, hip-hop, and electronica. Today, mashups and bootlegs are created by producers and DJs in seemingly every genre, and 3LAU has established himself as a leader in the established "art" form. His most recent mashup of his single "How You Love Me" ft. Bright Lights with Galantis' hit "Runaway (U & I)" unites two of the biggest dancefloor anthems into a refreshing and "new" track that gives a "second wind" to its original melodies.

8. "Together ft. David Spekter" - Throttle

If there's any artist that is due for a breakout in EDM, it's Throttle. This Australian prodigy has delivered hit after hit in his young career thus far, and his song "Together" with David Spekter proves once again that this 19-year-old has exactly what it takes to become the next big star. Hot off the release of his remix of "Hold Me Up" by Conrad Sewell, Throttle came back hard and strong with original that hits with so much energy it could offset an atomic bomb. Keep an eye on this kid, as there's no telling how far his talents will take him in the coming months.

7. "Find A Way" - Dirty South ft. Rudy

Dirty South is one of those artists that fails to disappoint on any track that he touches, and his original "Find A Way" ft. Rudy might just be his mightiest track to date. The track travels the sonic atmosphere swiftly and smoothly until it reaches its apex, further delivering a melody that has brought this track to the forefront of radio stations and festival sets everywhere. With Rudy's vocals delivering the perfect glue, "Find A Way" is an festival anthem through and through.

6. "Curiosity (Henry Fong Remix)" - Bingo Players

Like the lightning thrown by the hands of Zeus, Henry Fong's raining synth stabs and whooshing builds create for a hurricane of a remix. The counter-balance of piano riffs and short vocal chops act as the perfect "eye of the storm" between each drop, and the rush of energy that follows ceases to lose momentum no matter how many times you hear it. Henry Fong is like the Iron Chef of cooking up "mighty melodies", and it's clear that he threw in something a lil' extra for his remix of Bingo Player's single "Curiosity".

5. "Stronger (Mat Zo Remix)" - Arty ft. Ray Dalton

Arty and Mat Zo have established themselves far above their peers In the last two years, , and each artist demonstrates such hastened evolution of their sound in Mat Zo's remix of Arty's "Stronger" ft. Ray Dalton. The combination of the original's melodic and heavy elements gets a major upgrade as Mat Zo repackages the track with a hard-hitting rollercoaster of synths and bass lines that are exhilarating from beginning to end.

4. "Higher" - Loopers

"Higher" by Loopers literally hits the ground running. From its first kick, it delivers an arena-shaking vibe that ultimately combines the sounds of 90s house with 2010's electro to create one hell of an epic tune. The balance of soaring vocals with game-day synth sounds makes this track suited for any major stadium or festival. Loopers have generated a solid following through their unique combination of influences, and this latest tune proves that they can keep the adrenaline pumping no matter the sound or genre.

3. "Spack Jarrow" - W&W and MOTi

Now it might not be Hans Zimmer-certified, but we could totally see this song making its way into the next Pirates of the Caribbean film. W&W and MOTi have already generated massive followings of their own for their monolithic sound, and when they linked up to create this pirate-influenced house banger, they surely had the frigates and cannons in mind. Rivaling Tiesto's remix of the Hans Zimmer song "He's a Pirate" used in the first PotC, this tune will have you yearning for open seas and majestic war ships from start to finish.

2. "Say My Name ft. Zyra (Cedric Gervais Remix)" - ODESZA

Undeniably one of the biggest songs of 2014 (and 2015 for that matter), ODESZA's "Say My Name" has been blasted on radio stations near and far in all different shapes in sizes, both as the original and through various imaginative remixes and bootlegs. The latest contender to step up to the challenge is the remix virtuoso Cedric Gervais, and with such success in his remix of Lana Del Ray, it came as no surprise that he'd knock this edit out of the park too.

1. "Off The Hook" - Hardwell & Armin Van Buuren

As if there were any bigger names to create a collaboration, Hardwell and Armin Van Buuren's long awaited track "Off The Hook" is the epitome of what a "mighty melody" should sound like. It scatters, bends, and folds its way into a festival masterpiece that builds so much energy it could challenge a volcano for a more "massive" explosion. The track goes between raging your face off to basking in emotion with ease, challenging the every other major release this year for its musical integrity.

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