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Nero Releases Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album 'Between II Worlds'

Nero released their hugely anticipated sophomore album Between II Worlds today, a follow up to their 2011 Welcome Reality. Like their debut album, Between II Worlds plays like a soundtrack to a movie that only exists in the minds of listeners, full of the dark, dystopian vibes they've made their name on.

"Circle" opens the album, lead by Alana Watson's increased vocal presence as full time frontwoman for the band. With a slow but steady groove, arpeggiated bass synths and ambient synth pads, the track cements the 80's flavor that runs rampant throughout the album's 12-track run.

Tracks like "Into The Past (Reboot)" and album closer "Wasted" see Nero exploring a dreamier take of their signature style, complete with gorgeous washes of ethereal electronics as Watson's vocals soar overhead.

"Two Minds" and "Into The Night" drop the darkness that permeates most of the album, featuring upbeat house elements and pop structures. But there's still plenty of classic Nero cyberpunk flirtation, such as on "Dark Skies" and "Satisfy."

Watson's vocals dominate on nearly every track, serving as the thread that holds the entire tapestry together and cementing the trio's goal of becoming a full on band.

Nero kept their fans waiting four years before delivering a follow up to their acclaimed first album, and the verdict is in; it was worth the wait. Between II Worlds offers the stylistic signatures that established Nero as one of the top electronic acts today, while offering a more mature approach to their music.

Stream Between II Worlds on Spotify below, and then purchase the new album here.

In addition to releasing the new album, Nero will be dropping their 2nd Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 tomorrow; stay tuned to EDM.com and our Facebook page for more info.

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