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Daft Punk Collaborator & Boys Noize Team Up For Historic Show [VIDEO]

Last year, Boys Noize paired up with pianist Chilly Gonzales (who collaborated with Daft Punk on "Within" from Random Access Memories) to form the super group Octave Minds, with the aim of blending electronic music with classical into a new genre they've dubbed "new age-electronic-romance." The two musicians performed their first and as of yet only concert last week, giving a nearly hour long performance at Zeitgeist Symbiosis.

The performance features Boys Noize handling the electronic side of the equation, while Gonzales offers up his familiar brand of piano perfection. The duo was backed by a string section as well, slightly tipping the scales more in the classical direction for the night's show.

Electronic and classical music have tended to remain separate, but with advancements in music technology and the growing appreciation for the exotic sounds of electronic music, the drift between the two has slowly began to erode, as evident in this performance.

Watch Octave Minds live at Zeitgeist Symbiosis below...

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