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EDM.com Spotlight

These Ear Free Headphones Conduct Sound Through Your Skull [VIDEO]

A new Kickstarter campaign is planning to free up your ears and allow you to pump up your jams all at the same time. Called the Batband, these new headphones use bone conduction by literally conducting sound through your skull bones to send your music directly to your inner ear, allowing your outer ear to be untethered from traditional ear buds. This means you can listen to music and still hear what's going on around you.

In addition to improved functionality, the Batband is also one of the coolest, most futuristic looking pair of headphones out there, looking like something straight out of Star Trek. The device is USB chargeable, runs on bluetooth, and has intuitive sensor controls that allow you to adjust the volume, take a call and change songs.

With 44 days left in the campaign, the Batband has garnered over $80,000 of its minimum goal of $150,000. If you want to rock a pair of these unique headphones, head here to become a backer and get the Batband into production.

See the Batband in action by checking out the video below...

[H/T: Gadgetify]

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