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Burning Man Threatens To Sue Quiznos For Funny Parody Ad [VIDEO]

Quiznos and the cast of The Maze Runner recently teamed up on an ad that pokes fun at Burning Man, when thousands of millennials descend upon the Playa to party their brains out leaving behind a trail of burnt wreckage and an environmental impact the size of a small country while at the same time gathering in celebration of self expression and civic responsibility.

The ad takes these contradictions into account as a form of parody, calling out the festival for its hypocrisy. And Burning Man isn't happy about it, claiming that the ad goes against their stance of decommodification. In a statement, Jim Graham Burni, a spokeperson for the festival, explained their distaste for the ad.

"We are pretty proactive about protecting our 10 principles, one of which is decommodification. We get a quite a number of requests each year from companies wanting to gift participants with their product or to capture imagery or video of their products at the event, and we turn them all down. We'll be coordinating with our legal team to see what action we can take."

We're not sure what legal action Burning Man will be able to take against Quiznos, as parody is generally covered by Fair Use, but it should be noted that the festival has been successful with similar lawsuits in the past, such as when they successfully sued Girls Gone Wild for similar reasons. At this point, Burning Man and Quiznos have not been in contact.

Watch the parody trailer that started it all below...

[H/T: SFist]

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