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KSHMR Releases Remix Of Avicii's New Single 'For A Better Day'

KSHMR took to Facebook today to announce the release of his official remix for Avicii's recent single "For A Better Day." In the post, KSHMR stated that Avicii was someone he has great respect for.

The new remix is a bit of a departure for KSHMR that sees the producer abandoning many of the staples of his signature sound in order to suit the stylistic characteristics of the original.

The vocals and general vibe of the track are similar to the original, but KSHMR beefs up the percussion to make the track better suited for the dance floor, closing the track out with an extended coda complete with a whistling synth lead that conjures up images of the old west.

Listen to KSHMR's remix below, and then head here to grab a copy.

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