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Zedd Talks Metal Music, Tabloid Rumors & Sellout Accusations [VIDEO]

Zedd got together with MUCH at Digital Dreams Festival to discuss his reluctance to think of himself as just an EDM producer. In the interview, Zedd explains that his biggest influences aren't electronic acts but rather rocks bands like King Crimson and Queen. He also discusses his reaction to finding himself in the gossip spotlight of tabloid magazines, and his opinion of being a sellout.

In the video, Zedd comments on why he doesn't want tot be pigeonholed as someone who only makes EDM.

"The only way to be a true musician is to do whatever you want. And technically, I've been making electronic music for the smallest amount of time in my life, because i've been making metal for far longer than I've been making electronic music. I've been making classical music for far longer than I've been making electronic music, so technically I'm still new to EDM. That's why it's so important to me that people don't ever be in me in the EDM box."

Zedd also dismisses the idea that musicians who achieve a certain amount of success are sellouts.

"It doesn't really matter who you work with as long as the product is good. Why a lot of people react allergic to hearing their underground artist work with a big pop star is because they think they're a sell out. But the word sell out, that's not even something that exists."

Watch the full interview below...

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