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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch This Band Of Lego Robots Cover An Iconic Daft Punk Song [VIDEO]

The Toa Mata Band, comprised of LEGO's Bionicle series customized to act as a MIDI controlled musical ensemble, has dropped an awesome new cover of Daft Punk's classic hit that introduced the robot duo to dance music fans around the world.

The lego robots each play a simple role, such as striking the string of a bass guitar with a hammer, triggering a drum pad, or playing the signature melody on an iPhone. Using custom lego built platforms, each character is triggered to perform their musical task by the sole human in the group, who controls their movements from a variety of devices. The result is an impressive, robotic cover of the classic dance track.

Check it out for yourself in the video below...

[H/T: YourEDM]

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